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Benjamin Francis, part 3/3 – Tessa Langeveld, part 1/3

Tentoonstelling 11-09-2021 t/m 24-10-2021 > Amsterdam
P/////AKT Benjamin Francis, part 3/3 – Tessa Langeveld, part 1/3
P/////AKT Benjamin Francis, part 3/3 – Tessa Langeveld, part 1/3 (2)
P//////AKTPOOL - duo show

Benjamin Francis, part 3/3

Benjamin Francis‘s research focuses on non-harmonic chords and errors shifted to related themes such as discipline, power relations, hierarchy, religion and cleansing. Through a juxtaposition of several disciplines and hierarchical systems, he tries to force systemic errors that lay bare the foundations of power and vulnerability involved in human growth. Francis graduated from ArtEZ BEAR (Arnhem) in 2020.

Tessa Langeveld – The Endless Echo of a Closing Door

Staring at a blank sheet of paper is the hard part;
In search for lost drawings that had nourished her
It’s something we talked about
Something that is neither interior nor exterior, neither public nor private
(It took me a while to understand that everything is real
It took me a while to understand that everything is to be made)

Intrigued by the time-based element of video, Tessa Langeveld creates moments that slowly unfold as a fragmentary narrative – the act of making is not in the choice of the subject, but in the choice of the meaningful moment. Langeveld graduated from AKI (Enschede) in 2020.
P/////AKT Amsterdam

P/////AKT is a non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art that organizes and facilitates large scale solo presentations through which the audience gets the opportunity to gain insight in the thinking space of the artists.

P/////AKT provides a platform for exceptional, emerging artistic talents, who distinguish themselves through their unique and authentic language and who are capable of giving a different view on the current way of thinking. They are stimulated to work out new developments and are given the opportunity to present their work to a relevant audience. Furthermore, P/////AKT always asks the artists to produce new work that relates to the specific nature and dimensions of the given space and to present their own mental space as an overall presentation within the given context.


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