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'The Fires' series and 'Iberian Bulls'

Tentoonstelling 06-06-2021 t/m 30-11-2021 > Amsterdam
The 'Fires' series and the Bulls are on view!
Inspired by the impressive, uncontrollable fires that raged through Australia (and the America's).
The mythological Phoenix, life trough fire. A Momento Mori for mankind.

The 'Iberian Bull', representing the old earth energies.
monica rotgans Amsterdam
monica rotgans Amsterdam (2)
'After the Fire, Cradle of Life' multilayered oilpaint and ochre, 180 x 200 cm
monica rotgans Amsterdam (3)
'Toro' bronze, no 9/10
monica rotgans Amsterdam (4)
Spheres, multilayered glass on unique wooden pedestal, including led

Paintings Drawings Glass Bronze Fotography
Multidiscilpinaire Art with the main topics:
Australia - Land Sky Water Fire
Toros - the Iberian Bull


Open by appointment 7 days a week

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