Elaine Vis

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Turmstipendium der Stadt Geldern

Tentoonstelling 04-09-2011 t/m 25-09-2011 > Geldern (D)
Elaine Vis Turmstipendium der Stadt Geldern

een van de vier installaties:
Slow Wals van Elaine Vis

"Since 1999, a scholarship is awarded at the Gelderner tower - thanks to private sponsors and public support - with full commitment from the tower KUHN Lower Rhine, as well as support from the Art Association of Gelderland..."

This year's artists are Elaine Vis and Heidi Sincuba who will be in residence for four weeks developing their work. You are cordially invited to visit the tower during the process or view the work they have produced at the grand opening.

TurmStipendium work phase: from 07.08. - 03. 09.2011
Introductory evening: 17. August 2011, 19h00
Concert: 28. August 2011

Opening: 04. September 2011, 12h00
Exhibition: from 04.09. - 25.09.2011



Elaine Vis
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