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Pelgrim Kootwijk

Tentoonstelling 08-09-2012 t/m 09-09-2012 > Utrecht
Anna van Suchtelen (e) Pelgrim Kootwijk
Anna van Suchtelen (e) Pelgrim Kootwijk (2)


Pilgrim Kootwijk – A walk to the green
by Anna van Suchtelen for Groene Golflengte (Green Wavelength) during Open Monuments Days September 8 and 9, Radio Kootwijk

The art project Pelgrim Kootwijk is part of Groene Golflengte 2012 and takes place during the Open Monuments days on September 8 and 9: the only weekend in the year when Radio Kootwijk is open to the public. The outcome of this project will be source for a text about the meaning of nature and environment. What do visitors experience here? The collected texts and images will be used for a publication that will be presented to policy makers in the field of environment and nature.

The Cathedral. A well-chosen nickname for the main building at the transmitter site of Radio Kootwijk. The building is located in a huge sand circle, encircled by trees belonging to forest the Veluwe. An imposing building within nature. Inside, one is knocked off one’s feet at the sight of the immense hall. The floor is a maze of black and white lines.
The cathedral, the floor pattern and the transmitter circle form the inspiration for Pelgrim Kootwijk: an interactive art project in the form of a promenade or a mini pilgrim’s route. In earlier days it was the voice that traveled on this very location from West to East. This journey will be used for an awareness journey on the same spot. As a pilgrim, one moves from indoor outdoors: to the green. On one of the most quiet spots in the Netherlands, you distance yourself from hectic everyday life. From the floor pattern and the path to the forest one walks the ‘inner route’, on our way to purification.

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