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Back to the Future

Tentoonstelling 15-10-2012 t/m 31-12-2012 > Utrecht
Anna van Suchtelen (e) Back to the Future


For the exhibition space of PGGM Company in Zeist, CBKU has created a spin-off of the exhibition Back to the Future, shown last Winter at CBKU.
Also this time the focus point is our future past. What elements of our present society would be representative in the future? Which remains would survive and would be dug, in order to tell our contemporary story?
Work is shown by Frank Koolen, Michael Johansson, Anna van Suchtelen, EDHV and Fleur Thio. Please contact Véronique Baar: to plan a visit.

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Anna van Suchtelen (e)
Wolvenplein 27 (studio)
3512 CK Utrecht

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