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film release The Dyke - a studio at the Waal

Tentoonstelling 08-12-2013 t/m 08-12-2013 > Naarden
Anna van Suchtelen (e) film release The Dyke - a studio at the Waal


The Dyke – a studio at the Waal
film, 24 min
film release Wachthuis Q Naarden, 8 December 2013

The Dyke is a film portrait of a work space: the artist’s studio of painter/graphic artist Willemijn van Dorp. The camera moves through the space and zooms in on the floor, the walls, the window-frames, the beams, the paint, the wood, the fabric, the canvases, the colors, the spots of light, the objects, the beachcomber’s pieces, the leaves, the grass, the birds, the boats, the water. The film is a remembrance of twelve years working at the river, and offers a view of the creative process of a visual artist.


Anna van Suchtelen (e)
Wolvenplein 27 (studio)
3512 CK Utrecht

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