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residency in Siracusa

Tentoonstelling 10-05-2014 t/m 18-05-2014 > Siracuse
Anna van Suchtelen (e) residency in Siracusa
Anna van Suchtelen (e) residency in Siracusa (2)


Paintings for Drowning Men

Eureka Translational Creativity
Siracusa, Italy
May 2014

With the workshop series Paintings for Drowning Men on translational creativity, artists Anna van Suchtelen and Brian Goeltzenleuchter create a workshop environment in which participants can indulge in creative ‘tasks’, shifting between the comical, the philosophical, and the therapeutic. Ultimately, it is a celebration of the transcendent nature of creativity in our daily lives.

This series of workshops is a new project, based on the recently produced video When to Throw a Painting to a Drowning Man.


Anna van Suchtelen (e)
Wolvenplein 27 (studio)
3512 CK Utrecht

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