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H-Art voor Japan (Heart for Japan)

Tentoonstelling 06-10-2011 t/m 13-11-2011 > Utrecht
Anna van Suchtelen (e) <b>H-Art voor Japan</b> (Heart for Japan)

silkscreens I got life! and Poort for H-Art voor Japan

Art Auction
On November 13, about 100 art works by Utrecht artists will be auctioned in benefit of Japanese children, hit by the disaster of both the tsunami and the nuclear catastrophe afterwards.
The works will be on view in Utrecht City Hall from 6 till 27 October.
This auction is an initiative of visual artists from the city of Utrecht, in collaboration with Graphic Studio Utrecht/CBKU. The organizing artists were already connected with Japan, due to an art exchange project between the Netherlands, Canada and Japan that took place from 2005 till 2007. This traveling exposition, entitled Re-Identification: Messages from 3 Studios, started in the cities of Utrecht, Vancouver and Yokohama, and traveled throughout the three countries. The last exhibition was in the Netherlands, and opened in the same Utrecht City Hall.
The auction proceeds will be donated to Omocha Express, a charitable organization that provides toys and art materials to Japanese children, who had lost family, school and home because of the tsunami.
H-Art voor Japan Team
Dodog Soeseno, Cisca Poldervaart, Herman van der Weert, Joost Vermaat, Ineke van Tuinen, Martin Mommers, Hans Laban, Anna van Suchtelen

City Hall Utrecht: exhibition 6 - 27 October, auction day 13 November 2011

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