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Barbara van den Berg

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The devil inside me

Tentoonstelling 17-03-2017 t/m 17-09-2017 > Amsterdam
Barbara van den Berg The devil inside me

Baby Kim

Barbara van den Berg The devil inside me (2)

Baby Bruno

Barbara van den Berg The devil inside me (3)

Baby Donald

An exhibition at Public House of Art in Amsterdam

14 artist have made artworks with the theme 'The devil inside me'.
This is an exhibition about society’s greatest enemy and our best friend: temptation.

Barbara van den Berg

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Barbara van den Berg is an eclectic artist with a comprehensive practise that encompasses painting, digital collage, photography, charcoal, typography and stop-motion production. Exploring a multitude of different media, Van den Berg has a distinctive knowledge of how best to manifest her artistic visions.
Her diverse experiments in the language of expression is an underpinning feature throughout her oeuvre. As a child she lived in an almost perpetual state of observation, constantly fixated by human behaviour. Her sensitivity to how we relate and interrelate has instilled a uniquely humanistic approach to making art.
My art is about making contact.
Van den Berg’s visionary message is revealed upon introspective examination. Characterised by a contemporary, pop-whimsical aesthetic, her art carries a conceptual message that remains sharp in its critique. Her works foster a dialogue amongst ourselves, delving into the measures of connectedness. Her artworks encourage a cathartic exploration of oneself and one’s relation to and with society.
What stands out? How do you show your feelings? How do you communicate them?

Barbara van den Berg
Hazelaarstraat 30
1032 CE Amsterdam
Tel: 31624132841


Barbara van den Berg Amsterdam

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