Leonie Maréchal Visual artist


Participant Atelierroute Eindhoven and Region

Tentoonstelling 02-10-2021 t/m 03-10-2021 > Eindhoven
Leonie Maréchal Visual artist Participant Atelierroute Eindhoven and Region
We are nature
My studio is open on the first weekend of October from 11.00- to 17.00
In good weather there is also work in the garden
Leonie Maréchal Visual artist Eindhoven
Summer 2020

Leonie Maréchal, professional Visual Artist, she works from her studio / studio in Eindhoven intuitively and work directly on canvas or paper in oil and acrylic, her fascination for people and nature plays an important role. She paints nature wich light contrasts, trees, organic forms in expressive way, and sometimes desolate landscapes.
For upcoming exhibitions and other information, visit www.leoniemarechal.com
2004-2015 co-organizer of the Atelierroute Eindhoven & Regio www.atelierroute.dse.nl
2015 - 2019 co-initiator and board member of KEK-040! (Collective Eindhoven Arts)


Studio visit by appointment and open during the Eindhoven Atelierroute, first weekend of October.


Leonie Maréchal Visual artist
Ella Fitzgeraldlaan 88
5629rn Eindhoven

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