Wilma Vermeij

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Expositie John Koomen Tuinen

Tentoonstelling 06-05-2012 t/m 01-10-2012 > Wemeldinge
Wilma Vermeij Expositie John Koomen Tuinen

Golven tussen de bomen

Ruim 20 Kunstenaars uit het hele land exposeren hun beelden tussen de bomen in de eigen Boomkwekerij.

Wilma Vermeij

  • Beeldhouwkunst
  • Fotografie
  • Sculptuur
  • Ruimtelijk

My main sources of inspiration are objects and human positions that,
to my feeling, contain exciting lines and forms. I abstract the
original form, but always aim to retain or slightly exaggerate the original lines.
To come from a figurative source of inspiration to an abstract piece of art,
I am continuously asking myself (having a kind of struggle with myself)
if I am allowed to alter or remove redundant parts. The eventual sculptures
are always titled according to the initial form it was based on. Quite often,
it is hard for a spectator to grasp the relationship between the sculpture
and the title. The sculptures live their own lives now.
You can see whatever you want to see!

Wilma Vermeij
Bierweg 1-B
4424 EL Wemeldinge
Tel: 0113-622212


Wilma Vermeij Wemeldinge
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