Wilma Vermeij

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Zomer-opening 2013

Tentoonstelling 21-07-2013 t/m 01-09-2013 > Wemeldinge
Wilma Vermeij Zomer-opening 2013

Dansers hier aan zee, daar tussen de pruimenbomen

Beelden van 14 kunstenaars staan opgesteld tussen de pruimenbomen, naast de vijver, in de bessentuin en in de bloeiende borders

Wilma Vermeij

  • Beeldhouwkunst
  • Fotografie
  • Sculptuur
  • Ruimtelijk

My main sources of inspiration are objects and human positions that,
to my feeling, contain exciting lines and forms. I abstract the
original form, but always aim to retain or slightly exaggerate the original lines.
To come from a figurative source of inspiration to an abstract piece of art,
I am continuously asking myself (having a kind of struggle with myself)
if I am allowed to alter or remove redundant parts. The eventual sculptures
are always titled according to the initial form it was based on. Quite often,
it is hard for a spectator to grasp the relationship between the sculpture
and the title. The sculptures live their own lives now.
You can see whatever you want to see!

Wilma Vermeij
Bierweg 1-B
4424 EL Wemeldinge
Tel: 0113-622212


Wilma Vermeij Wemeldinge
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