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Boris Novak, digitale collages, en Ruth van Eck-Rotholz, keramiek

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Galerie LWW Boris Novak, digitale collages, en Ruth van Eck-Rotholz, keramiek

Boris Novak

Galerie LWW Boris Novak, digitale collages, en Ruth van Eck-Rotholz, keramiek (2)

Ruth van Eck-Rotholz

With the light touch of his magic wand, Boris Novak has crafted the weight of art legacies like dancing pearls on the finest porcelain dish.
The crux of Boris Novak's new series resonates with a symphony of flesh and of the incorporeal shaded into modern and classical art disciplines.
Boris Novak's art translates a world that transcends logic. The digital collages of art are a gallery of kaleidoscopic permutations of subjects and media with an attempt to conceptualize forms of the formless and cacophonies in a realm of Guernica, striking our heart chords and evoking the deepest of human souls.
(Yu-Fen Guo, University Lecturer and Art lover, Taipei, Taiwan 2013)
Boris Novak (Prague 1954) now living in Utrecht. After graduation at the Art School dep. Applied Art in Split, Croatia, he came in 1978 to Utrecht, where he graduated at the Art Academy as a graphic designer.

Ruth van Eck-Rotholz lets us see in her work her constant search for the ideal form, exceeding our expectations of this ceramic medium, brought to life by the play of light upon its white surfaces. The form’s shadows within the folds reveal its secret spaces hidden from first sight inviting us to discover further. These objects are delicate and graceful, and it seems that at any time soon they could become airborne. The energy here is in the light.
Ruth van Eck-Rotholz (New York City, 1956) received her art and ceramics education at Wesleyan University, CT, USA ( B.A. cum laude , M.A.L.S.) , and thereafter continued her studies in Architecture at Columbia University G.S.A.P.P. NY, USA ( M. Arch. 1981). Ruth returns to her ceramics (Utrecht) from an architectural perspective.

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