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LensCulture Winter Print Show at Klompching Gallery in New York 2017.

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These photographers were chosen by the directors of Klompching Gallery for the LensCulture Winter Print Show 2017.

We’re thrilled to present the 20 photographers who will have their work exhibited in New York City this winter. The directors of Klompching Gallery, Debra Klomp Ching and Darren Ching, reviewed a wide range of submissions from our community of international photographers before narrowing their selection to these 20 works. The exhibition will launch with an opening reception at Klompching Gallery on December 13.

These 20 images were chosen because they were the strongest examples of fine art photography in the submissions and therefore best suited for exhibition in the gallery. Each of the selected images offer a unique and powerful vision of our world—some focus on different facets of the human experience, while others marvel at (or scrutinize) the mutability of the landscapes and natural beauty that surrounds us.

“The selection of photographs for the LensCulture Print Show was predicated on a few key considerations,” said Debra Klomp Ching and Darren Ching. “We chose photographs that could stand on their own merits; photographs that had an immediate visceral impact and artworks that we felt were new, exciting and well-executed. Additionally, the twenty artworks we selected showcase a range of exceptional contemporary photography from different genres, appealing to both a wide audience and a collector base.”

This exhibition brings together a truly international group of artists—with photographers hailing from Turkey, Slovenia, the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Australia, and the UK—many of whom have never had the opportunity to exhibit their work in New York City.

The 20 exhibited photographs will be printed by Picto, a world-renowned printing lab, and will be on display until December 23, 2017. We hope to meet many of you at the opening event!

Elizabeth Koning Blaricum
Elizabeth Koning Blaricum (2)
Elizabeth Koning Blaricum (3)
Xueli - David 's Bride
Elizabeth Koning Blaricum (4)
Xueli - David 's Bride

Elizabeth Koning combineert in haar werk de typische Hollandse wolkenluchten met de finesses van de Italiaanse portretkunst. Ook maakt ze in haar portretten subtiele referenties naar de sfeer die meesters als Bellini, Rafaël en Holbein in hun Renaissanceportretten wisten te scheppen. De combinatie van deze historische referenties en Konings eigen visie resulteert in opmerkelijk eigentijdse kunstwerken. In haar portretten werkt Koning laag over laag, totdat ze de juiste kleurverhoudingen bereikt. Zo schildert ze dus niet met verf, maar met pixels. In 2010 had zij een solo-expositie in het West-Fries museum en vanaf 8 mei exposeert Morren Galleries haar werk in Amsterdam.


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