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On The Precipice

Tentoonstelling 01-07-2013 t/m 01-10-2013 > Newcastle
Alexandra Crouwers On The Precipice

On the Precipice, installation view, 3-channel video/animation installation in the Big M of Isis Arts, touring the UK, summer of 2013

Alexandra Crouwers On The Precipice (2)

I.M. Dog, Star, LhGWR gallery, The Hague, installation view, 5 vertical HD video/animationprojections, 5 prints, 2013

On the Precipice is a stunning programme of immersive film installations curated by digital artist Kelly Richardson and produced by ISIS Arts. On the Precipice is exhibited in The Big M, an inflatable mobile exhibition venue that can travel almost anywhere to reach people that might not otherwise experience contemporary digital artworks.

On the Precipice is a 3 screen installation that explores our relationship to contemporary landscape and the affect humans have had on the natural environment through large-scale moving image artwork.

The programme features new and existing artworks all specifically adapted for exhibition in The Big M by internationally renowned digital artists; Kelly Richardson (Canada/UK), Gordon Cheung(UK), Alexandra Crouwers(The Netherlands/Belgium), Jenn E Norton (Canada), Jillian Mcdonald (Canada/USA), Emily Richardson(UK) and Brigitte Zieger (Germany/France).

On the Precipice toured the North-East of England throughout 2013 in The Big M, the tour attracted over 5,800 visitors to The Big M which toured to the Toffee Factory as part of The Late Shows (Newcastle upon Tyne), Saltwell Park (Gateshead), Whitley Bay (North Tyneside), mima Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (Middlesbrough), Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives (Ashington) and Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival (Berwick upon Tweed).

The tour included a series of artist talks with Kelly Richardson, Brigitte Zieger and Alexandra Crouwers, a specially designed augmented reality APP and encompassed a pilot project researching new methods of measuring audience experience through digital fabrication - with Bettina Nissen, Culture Lab and The Creative Exchange.

Alexandra Crouwers

  • Multimedia
  • Tekeningen
  • Installatie
  • Conceptueel
  • Diversen

Video-installaties, (3D-)animaties, prints en tekeningen.

Alexandra Crouwers (gast)doceerde en gaf workshops op het AKV St. Joost, Den Bosch, de MAD Fac (Hasselt, B), Be-Part (Waregem, B), FLACC (Genk, B) en de academie Waasmunster (B). Zij was lid en voorzitter van de commissie Beeldende Kunst aan het BKKC, Tilburg. Beurzen, o.a.: startstipendia Fonds BKVB, basisbeurzen Fonds BKVB, ontwikkelingsbeurzen Vlaamse Gemeenschap.

Stelde tentoon in o.a. SMAK en MSK, Gent, De Brakke Grond, Torrance Art Museum (USA), galeries LhGWR (Den Haag) en Base-Alpha (Antwerpen). Beurzen: Art Brussels, Art Amsterdam.

Crouwers maakt voornamelijk monumentale en hypnotische videoinstallaties.


Op afspraak - voor advies of artistieke noodgevallen.

Alexandra Crouwers Asten-Heusden
Alexandra Crouwers Asten-Heusden (2)

Setup 2 vertical HD video/animationloops, 2013

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