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Jasper Daniel Kerke

Tentoonstelling 14-06-2013 t/m 16-06-2013 > Amsterdam
Unruly Gallery Jasper Daniel Kerke
Unruly Gallery Jasper Daniel Kerke (2)

Untitled. Ink on hardboard, ± 108 cm × 85 cm, 2013.

Unruly Gallery is proud to present Jasper Daniel Kerke, first solo exhibition.

Kerke’s creative roots can be found in the world of graffiti. Where graffiti is normally associated with urban culture and material – surfaces like city walls and trains are the preferred media for graffiti writers – Jasper Daniel Kerke is intrigued by nature and all its complicated processes. ‘I’m fascinated by how nature is constructed. Within my work I always try to create a situation where the visual outcome is a combination between my input and the way the natural material reacts to it.’

Although creatively formed by doing graffiti for years, Jasper Daniel Kerke's recent work can't be connected to graffiti directly. His interest for new materials and techniques made him explore various art forms. His Amsterdam based studio is filled with uncommon materials like rubber latex, soap and a wide variety of inks, which he uses to create his abstract pieces. The use of these materials isn't a coincidence: 'My biggest source of inspiration is nature. I'm always looking for new materials, I want to find out what their qualities are. This inquiry in materials is what pushes me to explore new ground, it's how I found my own visual language.'

After graduating from Rietveld Academy and fine-tuning his peculiar creative techniques for years, Kerke is now ready to show his series of paintings and pictures. They will be on exhibit at Unruly Gallery 15 and 16 June 2013. Opening Friday 14 June 17:00 - 20:00.

Unruly Gallery

We are unruly. We like to look at life from different angles and turn things around. There is no truth. There is no untruth. Only everything in between. We're untying the old perspective.

And we create. Art. The ultimate comment on life and its endless perspectives.

But. We don't like the art world. We don't like the schisms, the categories, the feuds, the fried air that's being presented in galleries and museums like some tasty amuse gueule. There is a self proclaimed elite that’s holding art hostage.

Until Unruly. We're taking no prisoners. No government handouts either. Forget words like graffiti, street art and counter culture. Look at the individual artists. There are no words. There are no images. Only everything in between.

Look us in the face, see our smile. Share our love for what we love. Be unafraid. Be unruly.


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