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In conversations most communication is transmitted non-verbally. Small, subtle movements of facial muscles or hand gestures reenforce the message or weaken it. This happens both consciously or subconsciously adding information that can not be defined with just words.
We hardly notice them during a conversation which is exactly why they are indispensable.
The result is a string of moments speeding by and sometimes difficult to receive and interpret in the way that they were intended.
In the era of digital conversation a lot of information literally gets lost in translation. Emoticons have been designed to compensate this lack but they hardly cover the subtleties and efficiency of our body.
In both business and personal environments misunderstandings occur because we do not transmit or receive information correctly. We may need to question whether taking increasingly less time to really communicate brings us anything besides a false sense of efficiency.
On the contrary, a portrait, is not in a hurry and freezes a non-verbal moment in time. You can look at it as long as you want, it gives you the time to really “read” the face.
Paul Arts’s portraits give you the option to notice body language, The faces, and sometimes bodies he portrays, have a message. It is clear who the sender is but the revelation of the message are in the eyes of the beholder.
Be efficient, take your time when looking at Paul’s work.

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