Back when I was a teenager I fought to get art accepted as an official course, which at that time wasn't possible to graduate in. I won that fight. After graduation and some pondering over studying Art as a major, I decided to choose Psychology as primary education. In my time off, I took many artclasses to keep the creativity going. In 2003 I moved from the Netherlands to the States to study at Harvard University, where I got to combine my interests in both art and psychology. I did some research on art therapy and how it can be used both as a diagnostic tool in kids and as an effective methode for processing trauma. Whereas my inspiration first came from work, the variety of themes and inspiration broadened over the years. As from 2010 I show my work in public locations like restaurants and hospitals. I love presenting my stuff at art fairs and occasionally donate for charity auctions. My main focus however is on assignments for personal items. Since 2018 I broadened my work by combining art and fashion: unique handmade clothing, shoes, bags and even some furniture.

Anne Speijer Curriculum Vitae