Curriculum Vitae Ben Rikken , Grevenbicht (1951)


Minerva Academy in Groningen; teacher training M. O. A, Free drawing department and painting (1972 – 1979)
Main teacher : Matthijs Röling , Founder of the Northern Realists Painters Group

Professional activities:

1995 - 2019 Private painting teacher
2006 - 2007 Classical Academy teacher in Groningen, Portrait and model
2007 - 2008 Classical Academy teacher in Groningen, Color and color application.
2015 - present: Masterclasses Foudgumse School

From 1978 various study trips to France, Italy, Poland , Norway and Spain , among others. He stayed in Italy for a year from April 2002 - May 2003. Even after 2003 to the present, he regularly works in Italy, France, and Spain

Ben Rikken lives and works in Groningen.


2018 Peter Ter Braak Groningen ; solo exhibition

2018 Osborn Studio galery London ; Group exhibition

2017 Ishen Galery Auckland ( N Z ) ; Group exhibition

2017 Gallery A-Quadraat in Vorden Solo exhibition with Jos Kuppens, sculptor.

2016 Klein Wetsinge, Jubilee exhibition solo exhibition

2016 The Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam DWDD POPUP Museum ; the choice of Nico Dijkshoorn from the collection of the Drents Museum

2016 Kunstzaal Van Heiningen Kunstzaal in The Hague Solo exhibition

2013 The Drents Museum in the UMCG, with Pieter Pander, Peter Hartwig, Piet Sebens and others.

2013 Kunstzaal Van Heijningen in The Hague solo exhibition

2012 Kunstzaal van Heijningen in The Hague, (three) double exhibition with Peter Durieux and Renze Dijkema 29 March to 29 April

2012 Mohlmann Museum in Appingedam. "Pig in shape" .1 April to 1 July. Theme exhibition on "The Pig" Participants include Bas Haring, Yvonne Kroonenberg, Jos Collignon, etc. With catalog!

2012 Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen "The color of water" 13 April to 15 June.. The exhibition is a joint initiative of ING Art Management and the Zuiderzee Museum

2012 Dutch Magig realism: fits toward Contemporary. Museum of Art, Seoul National University, ING Art Management. 10 February to 12 April.

2011 Galerie Wildevuur in Hooghalen Solo exhibition to my 60th anniversary September 4 to October 4.
2010 Van Heijningen Art Room in The Hague. With Harro op het Veld and Marian de Glopper 13 February to 7 March
2009 Landgoed Zofier, "Lust for the Eye" With, among others, Edwin Aafjes and Mario ter Braak 5 June to 19 July

2009 Art Mix Gallery in Antwerp With Jan Zwaan and Philippe Brodzki from 7 March to 19 April

2007 Gallery Wildevuur in Hooghale Solo exhibition November 23 to December 23

2007 Galerie Utrecht The Contemporary Still Life with, among others, Frans Klerckx and Julien Landa January 7 to February 11

2006 Museum Mohlmann in Venhuizen, ORT,with catalog "Realisten 06", August 19 to 29 October

2006 Gallery Vieleers in Amsterdam, solo exhibition, 5 April to 13 May

2006 Museum Mohlmann in Venhuizen,. Dear Beasts, Group exhibition at April 16 to
June 19, with catalog of the same name,

2005 Gallery Vieleers, in Amsterdam, with Joyce Eijkhout and Miguel Macaya, 30 November up to and including 8 January 2006

2005 ORT. Mohlmann Museum in Venhuizen, with catalog: 'Realisten 05'. August 21 to October 9

2004 National Museum in Krakow (Poland) : Painted Reality, Contemporary Dutch Figurative Painting. Highlights from the collections of the Drents Museum in Assen and ING Group. November 18 to December 31

2004 Galerie Mokum in Amsterdam Solo exhibition from 20 March to 17 April

2003 Drents Museum in Assen ; 'Ben Rikken, Light. Paintings and drawings', Overview exhibition from 2 December 2003 to 22 February 2004, with catalogue with the same name

2003 Museum of ModernArt,Arnhem "The meeting", from collections of ING and MMKA,

2002 Frisia Museum, Spanbroek Jubilee exhibition "40 Years of Mokum",

2001 Drents Museum, Assen "From Willink to Helmantel"; a choice from the ING Collection,

2000 Museum de Buitenplaats, Eelde "The Seven of Sebens", a choice of Piet Sebens,

1998 Galerie Mokum, in Amsterdam Solo exhibition

1997 N.A.M. head office in Assen Jubilee exhibition. 50 years of exhibition.

1997 Mesdag Museum and Gallery de Twee Pauwen in The Hague "The Painters of Minerva",

1995 Galerie Mokum in Amsterdam Solo exhibition

1994 Gallery Wiek XX in Groningen, with Olga Wiese

1993 Galerie Mokum in Amsterdam Solo exhibition

1992 Gasunie Head Office in Groningen Solo exhibition

1990 Galerie Mokum in Amsterdam Solo exhibition

1988 Galerie Mokum te Amsterdam v.a. various group exhibitions including the KustRai,

1988 Gallery Wiek XX in Groningen, with Olga Wiese

1985 Paris Portrait competition "P.L.Weiller"

1979 Allersmaborg in Ezinge, with Matthijs Röling and Max Stokvis
In preparation :
2021 Kasteel Groeneveld in Baarn : “Le Grand Tour “ , solo exhibition

2018 "A look of surprise" Artists from Kunstzaal van Heijningen
2015 “A glance of surprise” Artists from Kunstzaal van Heijningen
2012 "Ter Plekke" Catalog of nine square air painters at Kunstzaal van Heijningen in The Hague in the context of the "Israels in The Hague" event.
2003 "Light, Ben Rikken, paintings and drawings" Catalog with the retrospective exhibition in the Drents Museum in Assen with a concise English summary, plus a luxury edition in linen band with an original piece of graphics. A publication of Uitgeverij Waanders, Zwolle / Drents Museum, Assen
I.S.B.N. number 9040088705 for the paperback and 9040088713 for the limited edition
luxury edition (bound, numbered and with an original signed silkscreen).
2002 "40 Years Gallery Mokum", at the exhibition in the Frisia Museum, Spanbroek. Publisher Art Revisited, Marum
2000 "With intense pleasure", following the exhibition "The Seven Van Sebens", Museum de Buitenplaats, Eelde. Publisher Art Revisited, Marum
2000 “Ben Rikken, paintings”, a self-published publication on the occasion of the solo exhibition at Galerie Mokum, Amsterdam

Work in collections including:

Drents Museum, ING, N.V. Gasunie, Unilever Nederland B.V., N.A.M., Kadaster Nederland, various private collections.

Commissions :

- Wall painting Grand Cafe "Bunders" in Groningen
- Trial assignment for the history painting at the Emirate of Qatar
- Decorations ms Zuiderdam (HAL) for "Enterprise and Art" ( Kunst en Onderneming ) , Amsterdam
- Group portrait : Association of Traders in Groningen


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