Brenda Brudet Curriculum Vitae
Brenda Brudet is an emerging contemporary portrait artist based in The Netherlands. Since early childhood she’s expressed herself artistically in different ways, whether it be through crafts, design or drawing and painting. This led to her starting a career as a webdesigner. In 2018, after experiencing soft pastels for the first time, she fell back in love with fine art and has since been taking steps in establishing herself as a professional artist. Her work has found it’s way into collector’s homes in The Netherlands, The United States, England and Switzerland.

Her artistic style is influenced by several things, such as the love for beautiful and slightly melancholy things, the appreciation of the intricate and elegant nature of botanical art, and her fondness of color. But above all, the love for the beauty of the female form, which drives her to celebrate said beauty one portrait at a time.

She places her muses in isolated worlds of their own making. Accompanied by elements of nature, or in a space abstracted from all physical elements, they all portray their own stories and emotions. Using a variety of traditional media, such as chalk pastels, oils and acrylics, she aims to create beautiful and alluring imagery that uplifts and inspires.


You can find more of the artist and her work here:
Brenda Brudet Curriculum Vitae
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