Dini Riga is mainly an autodidact as an artist. She didn't attend official art-school. She has been writing from her fifteenth year on and making textile art already from the 1970's . Around 1980 she also started painting. In this period she stayed a while in Greece (a.o.) and here she was inspired by the blues and whites in the landscape and the "Mediterranean Light".Later on, in Maastricht, she met with a few painting- and drawing techniques through several workshops (a.o. atelier Josefien Koelman and Kumulus).
She's had a few expositions of her work: Second Hand 4 All/Maastricht; Puur/Maastricht; ArtFair-Markt/Maastricht; Henri'Atelier-Bonnefanten/Maastricht; Art Fair-OLV square-Maastricht
The painting "Mother Earth" was nominated for the Alphons Winters Prize in 2010.
In 1982 she (GĂ©rardine Riga) won a short-story contest, issued bij NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Company)
Her first book has been published in 2011: De Regenbooggrot (The Rainbowcave- Lecturium.nl)

Dini Riga Curriculum Vitae