Famke Rousseau Curriculum Vitae
Tweede editie Maastricht Gallery weekend 20,21,22 oktober 2022
2020 January
1st design carnival
poster Maastricht Commissioned RTV Maastricht

2019 31 October-3 November Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam

2019 March
Exhibition Vastelaovendsportrette 2019
Vintage Deluxe / Galerie Hondstraat 2 Maastricht

2019 February / March
Exhibition E princely portrait, Bookstore Dominicanen Maastricht

2019 January / February
Design weekend GIW Maastricht

2018 February-March
Exhibition Vastelaovendsportrette 2018
50-50 store

2017 August
Exhibition Koetshuis Rijckholt

2017 September-December
Exhibition "Iconoclasm"
At wines & bites in Lanaken, Belgium

2017 / February Street & Art duo exhibition with Mark Voorst AKA Jacky Baggen / Hoodkitsch in collaboration with Hubert Kalkman (Vintage Deluxe)

2016 / November Eeny meeny miny mo ..
In collaboration with gallery Fransastic
In The Double Tree by Hilton-NDSM in Amsterdam

2015 / present New collaboration with Vintage Deluxe


2015 / September Annual Dutch Art Fair Amsterdam

2015 / May
International exhibition "trash or treasure" ART TOUR 2015 Maastricht
SAM decor halls

2012 / Present
Teacher of fine Arts, Art history and mentor
Bernard Lievegoed School -
Free school Maastricht

Teacher of fine Arts
Bonnefanten college VMBO Maastricht

Diploma: Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht

Famke Rousseau Curriculum Vitae