About the work

(version: Sept 4, 2021)


For the last year and a half I've been drawing again, after not having done that for about a decade, and not this seriously since my childhood/adolescence, when i hardly did anything else. During the 30 years in between, drawing was merely a stepping stone in the creative proces leading up to sculptural work, or I drew something specific in Photoshop for use in a photomanipulation.

So lately I've been busy catching up on the technical side. After many material experiments (what can you do with what paper/canvas/kinds of charcoal, pastel), I am now more and more finding my subject and style in these mediums. Every drawing you see here now, is another step in my journey of experimentation.


In the decade preceding my current adventure as a late-blooming draftsman, my medium has been a Mac with Wacom tablet and much maligned but truly magnificent Photoshop. Plus a high end printer (commercial art printer for large formats) to get physical output.

The endless array of possibilities one has while digitally manipulating pixels, combined with an intuitive approach, necessitates putting in place some 'stimulating restrictions'. Every work emerged from within one of the following thematic series:


"ELEMENTS", a series of montages that feature earth, water, fire, air and ether. Seeing as these elements manifest in various ways/forms, representations of them in my work can either have a psychological meaning, or one that relates to a physical reality. (subseries: PODS, 12 variations on 1 theme)

"BEINGS", a series of works that deal with the various ways consciousness can manifest in our world. Drawn from personal experience, as well as representing collective 'macro'-phenomena, these works can be 'read' on several analog levels, that simultaneously present themselves.

"HYBRIDS" (or 'Hybrid Beings'), a series about the animal tail of our subconscious. Beings with a dual physical nature, feature in portraits that reflect or comment on what the hell humanity is up to now.


“LEGENDS”, a series in which antique photographs (from the first few decades of the last century) become reborn on a surreal, contemporary plane, where they comment upon the history that fills their lifespan (spent mostly hidden away in archives).
(sub-series: STRUCTURES, semi-abstract hypercollages with antique roots)

By using the conceptual boundaries of these series, I create spaces in which visual elements form relationships with each other, in a creative process that is different in each collage, and that unfolds largely with rational faculties pretty much entirely focussed on the technical side of image compositing (especially in the initial phase of the process). Each new, composite image represents both a specific perspective, and simultaneously multiple meanings in itself.


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