If, like Ben Rikken, you are looking for a convincing spatial representation of the colorful landscape, then that is already a problem in itself. A lot of craftsmanship is needed to solve that; in 35 years of painting he has conquered that.
Ben Rikken searches the landscape for a synthesis of light, color and handwriting, in which he ultimately "embraces" the form. Ben searches for that one specific moment; hence he makes different versions of the same subject in different light. The subject doesn't matter so much to him; more important is the question: "what fascinates me in this subject, what are the main and minor issues, what color contrast can I use:"
On his many journeys to Southern Europe, he has developed a warmer palette.
Ben is really a painter of the "Belle Peinture", the elegant handwriting. From
close by you often only see rhythmic spots and smudges; beautiful landscapes are visible at some distance. "Rough" parties with a strong brush stroke are alternated with beautiful soft pieces. Ben paints quickly: "because," he says, "before you know it, that one beautiful morning mood has already disappeared."
Ben Rikken Curriculum Vitae
Rotsen La Mesa ( donker groen )