The journey

The main concept of painting, drawing or making collages for me, is the joy of playing; experiment, freedom. The amazement, surprise and sheer energy generated. The fun in a line or a blob of paint.

My personal conviction is that there is value in constant reinvention, transformation if you will; the necessity to learn to be happy, to search for solutions and give voice to the tension between the universal and the subjective.

Experimenting and storytelling through an internal dialogue is reacting to a sometimes haphazard starting point, like a found object, an observation or vague intuitive perception or presentiment.
I do not follow one strict method or -ism. I borrow from different styles and techniques, such as surrealism, cubism, futurism, symbolism, expressionism and abstract art, as well as my awe for nature and love for music. In a painting I apply several layers of transparent paint, combined with colorful areas that contrast vividly against the darker dramatized parts. Poetic brush strokes and drawn lines alternate with smudges and tender areas.

I illustrate the search for how to live, on a micro and macro-level.
My chronological development as a human being is reflected in my work. One work gives opportunity for the next to appear.