The importance of art

Why does a writer manufacture a book, a painter a picture or a sculpturor an object? Why bother to spend the time? There is no general explanation. I only feel the inner urge to express my personal way of life into several art-disciplines. Where does this come from? It's here!
I've learnt from experience that I choose my subjects through a meditative life-attitude.
So is art useful? In my opinion, it is! As art is the transforming medium, which connects universal energy to earthly energy.
We're living in times, inwhich an enormous shift in human consciousness is taking place.
Ancient wisdom, which was concealed until now, is allowed to be revealed in this transforming period of time. What used to be esoteric, may now become exoteric. I call my art spiritual, meaning: I produce images or tell stories, which are symbolic representations of this phenomonen.
I'm strongly convinced that art should not be "polluted" by commercialisation. Unfortunately, in this period of time, the opposite is the case. In my view, the artist should be set free of gaining an income, so that his/her spirit and soul can roam freely.