My work consists of staged photographs. I am not a photograpfer
in the sense of educated and/or all-round, but use this medium of
photography for capturing objects that will feature in a piece, and
for presenting or exhibition the final product. My work focuses on
people in any capacity whatsoever. Music also forms a recurring theme
in my work, which can best be described as absurdly surreal.

Intuition en emotion are often the starting point of the 'design process'.
I approach and investigate these ideas from as many perspectives as
possible while making notes and small illustrations. I mainly work based
on a theme that leads to a series of photos. I find inspiration in poetry,
nature, the news, my faith, music, and visual descriptions.
I regularly encounter the latter between the lines of a lecture or during
a conversation.

Essential within my work are human conflicts - with themselves, the other,
and nature. My love for, and missing of, making music shines through in
my work. The absurdity and banality of everyday life is the packaging within
which the photo's story is told.

My vocation is a strong, vital urge to create beauty within the boundaries of
its own reality. The origin of this need goes back to my childhood. Due to
circumstances, as a child, I had the longing for a place where I could feel save
and be myself. Music* gave me this sanctuary. After my forced farewell of music
(end of 2010) I discovered photography in 2012. 'The striving out need' for an
own reality has remained.

Einar Been
Rotterdam, 01.10.2020

*See CV.