diligent work

henk korbee
use tel. +31 63606 1883 or email: henk.korbee@gmail.com.

I mainly paint portraits. For that purpose, using a video or a photo can be helpful, especially when complex poses are the subject. A photograph is also a means of studying the geometry behind a pose. Not only that, but also people waiting for the train or waiting at the arrival hall have my interest and that is the topic to improve my sketching skills. Since metaphors are used to explain the world, it is useful to paint metaphors so that one can interpret the painting. Finally, as you can see, there are paintings of mountain landscapes that are painted purely from my imagination, just like the so-called abstract-looking paintings.

It is remarkable that paintings based on scetches are more lively than being based on photo's. Photo's do represent some statical view about nature which fails in a scetch. Within a very few minutes people are changing their pose, so, execercising drawing lines is a necessatity. On the other hand, a photo can show some aspects which you can't get in life as, p.e., the eyes are constantly moving around just the way animals are looking around. See also https://circle-arts.com/henk-korbee/. This organisation has awarded me many times with artistic exellence.