Jacqueline Mac Mootry-Everaert is a Dutch artist who lived and worked in Brazil, the Caribbean and The Netherlands. She travelled around the world for 15 years, finding inspiration on all continents.
She has exibited in London, New york, Paris, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and other major cities. Her work is held in private collections around the globe.

Dynamic colors, rich depth and atmosphere through layers and textures are the artist's trademark.

Jacqueline received a 3-year classical education in 17th Century techniques and realistic oil painting in The Netherlands, and more recently in figure/nude drawing at the Klassieke Academie Groningen, also in The Netherlands. Since 2016 she had found her passion in creating large, colorful Abstracts.

You may contact Jacqueline at jacquelinexs4u@gmail.com directly to discuss any of her works or to comment on her work. To buy or commission an artwork outside of the Netherlands please, contact the Saatchi Art team.