My Live as a fine art Artist

Margarita is inspired time and again by the erotic adventure of man and woman in different circumstances and against a natural backdrop. Her dynamic images seek harmony in a expressionistic style. Her interest in Japanese engravings, prints and later the classic mythology have certainly influenced her approach to the erotic aspects of her work. At a later stage, she also draws on the subject of dance (Tango), with works in which she portrays the erotic aspect between the dancing partners with great emotion. By focusing on the essentials and leaving out the side issues, her work acquires an emotionally high-powered nature that makes it vigorous and true to life. This also applies to her works of Amazons on horseback and reclining women in natural settings. In her mythological images such as “Leda and the Swan”, the swan plays various roles, although the object of his visits is clearly discernible.

Her passion of technique of etching enabled her to capture movement in a graceful interplay of lines.While working on sheets of Perspex, she discovers a free and direct technique that liberates her from the figuration. In the nineteen-eighties, she begins to produce increasing numbers of large oil paintings, using a blend of techniques. Women, couples, birds and animals are committed in fluid lines to paper and linen, in both figurative and abstract works.

Margarita is regularly commissioned by both private individuals and institutions, to paint anything from portrets to landscapes.

Publications and reviews from 1985 to present: Noord Hollands Dagblad, Alert,
Harlingerkrant, the Gooi en Eemlander and the Gelderlander.

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