Bert Hermans
Mixed media
80 x 80 cm

The Groot Handelsgebouw, adjacent to Rotterdam Central Station, is the largest business center in the Netherlands. It is a building with an open character. Impressive from the outside with its striking architecture.
The Groot Handelsgebouw is a modern business center with a distinguished history. Built just after the Second World War, the building is an icon of post-war reconstruction in the Netherlands. With more than 180 tenants, the Groot Handelsgebouw is a small city in itself. It is the ideal meeting place for national and international entrepreneurs. In 2005 the building was given a facelift.

With this painting, Bert has been proclaimed the 2020 Gallery Winner by the National Atelier.

From the jury report:

"The wide range of Bert Hermans contains a lot of quality. It is difficult to choose which one deserves attention, but" Multidimensionality "is a great work for several reasons. The painter frames urban moments with a keen eye for composition. He often shows the space around the architecture so that a certain flatness is created. The strong use of perspective creates a play of flat and spatial. In this specific work the square cut-out suggests a part of a building, straight from the front. But nothing is what it seems. The perspective pushes the image into the space and the interior spaces and shadow cast through the windows make this simple image a madhouse full of optical deception. Iron discipline, skill and patience are the basis of this cheerful work. "