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Bert Hermans

'The Cathedral'
Oil on canvas
60 x 80 cm

Bert made this painting after a tour on Februari, 10, 2019 following the stations of the new North/South Metro Line in Amsterdam. This station is called 'The Cathedral' and its the nickname for the hall of the metro station Amsterdam Central Station.

The Central Station metro-hall of the North/South line is located 15 meters below the water level and directly below the station square. The impressive metro-hall is sometimes called ‘The Cathedral’ because of its great height, the striking ceiling and the monumental pillars. An elongated recess above the tracks was chosen as the site for the commissioned artwork. A media screen was planned for this recess of 2.5 by 23.5 meters.

The assignment to the selected (video) artists was to reflect on the city from a global perspective and to develop an inspiring work as a window on a new world. The artwork thus forms a triptych with contemporary work by Jennifer Tee in the station concourse-hall and Cuypers’ historic decoration programme on the façade of the station building.