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Bert Hermans

'Train Missed'
Oil on linen
80 x 60 cm

This painting is an artist impression of the new Rotterdam Central Station. The painting shows in the centre a colleague of Bert , another shiphost of SS Rotterdam, who informed Bert to make a painting of the Central Station with its beautiful pillars and roof. The shiphost missed his train, as the title of the painting tells us, but he will be well looked after by the two women on both sides.
Rotterdam Central Station is also known as the international gateway to Rotterdam. Nearly 110,000 travellers pass through Central Station every day to catch a bus, tram, metro or train. Intercity trains from all across the country (including the Intercity Direct), the Thalys to Paris, and other international high-speed trains stop here several times a day, some even several times an hour.

Central Station has had a total makeover in recent years, making the station one of the most iconic architectural features in Rotterdam. The roof over the tracks is partly covered in solar panels, continuing uninterrupted into the angled roof over the station hall. Its point aims towards the city centre. A number of historic elements from the former station building (1957) by Sybold van Ravesteyn have remained intact, such as the original clock in the front façade, the letters spelling out 'Centraal Station' (now in LED lights) and the ‘speculaasjes’, two granite sculptures on platform 1.