Jeanne Rombouts
Transparent figure

Charcoal pastel and chalk on transparent paper

110 x 165 cm

NEW EARTH: 12 visions
Bijbels museum
Westerkerk Amsterdam
31 oktober t/m 16 december 2020

"Jeanne Rombouts: Mother Earth by Jeanne Rombouts is a layered and exciting image. Many participants of the Open Call had the theme of mother Earth at the center of their work. Jeanne Rombouts succeeds in expressing the earth as a living primordial being in her squatting, round female figure. It has tremendous depth and seems to hold everything together. Rombouts finds her own involvement in the clay soil theme of the new earth in the IJsselmeerpolders, the new land at the bottom of the former Zuiderzee, where her father was one of the first farmers. The squatting figure and this landscape interact, overlap and merge, according to the artist. She ends her description with: "The Mother of the New Earth." Is this mother giving birth to the new earth?"
Text from commission report.