For Olga having had to choose between reading Arts and the actual exercise of Arts turned out to be an agony of choice. As a consequence, she took on both and with equal passion. Olga read Arts and Architectural History at both Amsterdam and Groningen University, followed by a three-year curriculum in plastic and spatial design at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen.
In 1990, after relocating to Heemstede and entering the Vrije Kunstacademie in the city of Haarlem, she became proficient in graphic design and painting. She also took four years private tuition from the renown Haarlem resident genre painter Andre Gouw.
She adores the Wadden Sea and those typical Dutch landscapes with their quintessential skies resulting in breath-taking reflections in water. Invariably her landscapes are impressionistic, stilled and poetic. The colors are utterly subtle. Occasionally the influence of De Haagse School shows through. Her figurative paintings are not out of hand portraits, but rather have a deeper, more profound and human meaning. Olga is Fellow of the Haarlem Artisan’s Society Kunst Zij Ons Doel.

Olga van der Klooster Curriculum Vitae

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