Bronzes and Graphics, group exhibition Centre for the Arts, Rotterdam

10-11-1987 t/m 25-11-1987

Group exhibition

Leda and the Swan, group exhibition, gallery the Lachende Koe, Rotterdam

28-06-1987 t/m 16-08-1987

Group exhibition

Group exhibition, gallery Etce'tera, Amsterdam

16-05-1987 t/m 06-06-1987

Group exhibition

Homage, Art as Inspiration, groupexhibition Municipal Museum Arnhem

21-03-1987 t/m 10-05-1987

Groupon exhibition
Richard Bouwman Hommage, de Kunst als Inspiratie, groepstentoonstelling, Gemeentemuseum Arnhem
Hommage to Picasso, 1982, 120 x 90 cm, tempera and oil on canvas
Collection Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Time: 0.009