Dioni ten Busschen

Dioni ten Busschen Amsterdam
Peatart Gallery Kerkstraat 76 Amsterdam
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Paintings Dioni ten Busschen Mauritskade

Dioni ten Busschen

Dioni is working as a visual artist for more than 30 years

Now she has her studio in the Peatart Gallery where you can see how she works on her portraits and Dutch still lifes.

The portraits and memories of life are always custom made.

For the peatart Gallery she developed a new procede with the old material peat.

Sculptures and objects are exhibited permantly at the Kerkstraat 76 in Amsterdam.


Openingstijden peatart Gallery:
woensdag t/m vrijdag van 11.00 - 18.00 uur
Of op afspraak.
Bel voor een afspraak 06-54635158

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