Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam
Grafische kunst, etsen en lithografie.
Docent tekenen VO
Illustrator, creatief (mee)denker

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Willibrord Baar Curriculum Vitae
117 Strawberry fields forever (Lennon/McCartney, 1967)
The title of the song is inspired by the Children’s Salvation Army, close to the house of John Lennon. In the bewildered garden Lennon had a beautiful place to play with his boyfriends. Like McCartney’s Penny Lane, Strawberry Field is Lennon’s memory from his childhood. I have chosen for strawberry’s all over, they seem to roll through the entrance, the former gate of the Salvation Army. There was a temptation to use colour, but Children’s Salvation Army sounds so dark. That’s why I used the black and white only.
Willibrord Baar Curriculum Vitae (2)
153 Blackbird (Lennon/McCartney, 1968)
Blackbird is used by Paul McCartney as a metaphor for a black woman who stands for her civil rights. Rosa Parks is the black woman who refused to get up from her seat. She was sitting on a ‘white’ chair. In the drawing the woman has shopping bags on her seat and on the floor. She is staring out the window while a blackbird is flying out of the bus from the dark to the light.
Ink and watercolour
Willibrord Baar Curriculum Vitae (3)
Liverpool on the Mersey. 2013
Willibrord Baar Curriculum Vitae (4)
De zee brult (een van de illustraties uit een verhaal over een jongetje in een bijzondere natuur)