Bastiaan Beun Curriculum Vitae
Bastiaan Beun Curriculum Vitae (2)

Curriculum Vitae

My name is Bastiaan Beun and im born on the 4 june 1972 in Enschede.
When i was 4 years old we moved to Oldenzaal and i lived their till age 17.
Then i moved to Almelo to follow DEVA (illustration and commercial painting).
My brother (arstist) and father followed the same school.
After a year i did exames to follow unie artskool A.K.I. (acedemy for art) in a near town Enschede and got in. didn't finish it, tough.....
I had a lot of jobs in my life but just can't handle the boss ,my creative side takes over all the time.
I have to express myself constantly bye making paintins, photoghrapy, poems and alot of other stuff.
(Thats what i do, and hope to do this as long as i live).

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