About Me

A few words to begin with:
writing about my art and myself is not easy for me. I would love to tell everything about my paintings but it is very personal to write it down in words. Painting is like a second nature for me and is a reproduction of everything I feel and touch in my life. Therefore I would give a quick introduction about my motivation to make art and my reflection on it.

I haven’t been on a school or program to learn how to paint. That would be against my concept of what making art stands for. My work erects from a kind of power that is driven from deep within. I am not bound by rules or regulations. Everything I mark on the canvas would be my perception of the world around me and the way I move in it.

When I was younger my parents took me to their close friend, Pieter Geraedts who is a sculptor and hedonist pur sang. When I think about that time now, I realize that exactly that place inspired me to become what I am today. The scent of paint and oil in the big house and the garden it was surrounded by made me notice what art could do to a person.

During my life art has always been under my skin but it never dared to come out. Eventually I took a step and about ten years ago I let my boundaries go and started a studio. Since then a lot of things changed.

I grew from an amateur to a true artist. The changes I went through in the process of making art changed my point of view on art radically. I feel free in the use of color and form and I made big steps in daring to give voice to my opinion. And above all, I gained courage to be able to make what I am making today. This has been complemented by several expositions and prices I won at the London Contemporary Art Biennale. My hunger for more is unstoppable. And again, I feel liberated as soon as I start working on a plain sheet every time.

I hope people will be affected by my work. My wish is that they will have the same fun experience as I have when I look at it. Furthermore I would like to ask to contact me if you are interested in seeing my work or in hearing my story. I will be grateful to tell you everything about it.

I want to appoint all my work to my dear husband Klaas and my lovely daughters Eva and Emma.

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