Linda Roffel Curriculum Vitae

I'm in Heaven, 80x100 cm, Acryl op doek

Linda Roffel Curriculum Vitae (2)

La vie en rose 100x80cm, Acryl op doek

Linda Roffel Curriculum Vitae (3)

Frozen thoughts 80x100 cm, Acryl op doek

Curriculum Vitae

From childhood I have been fascinated by colors and shapes as a means of expression. And I have always felt the need to do something with this fascination. However, somehow I had the feeling that I wasn’t creative enough, despite the encouragement of others. I sensed the passion, but did I have the talent? Yet, the strong urge to express myself visually has always been part of me. In 1982 I graduated to become a teacher in drawing and during two years I attended a training at the Painting Academy in Driebergen. This was stimulating and in the subsequent years I took private painting lessons from Erik Lemmens.
During my years as a teacher, remedial teacher and later when I was studying Pedagogy at the university of Utrecht the Netherlands, I kept on painting beside my job. However, real passion can’t be denied. Since 2001 I have a studio of my own and from that moment I decided to commit myself entirely to painting.