Natalia Olhova - an abstract artist.

Born in the Crimea, in the family of the artist Olhov Vladimir. All her adult life she is engaged in painting, writes in various subjects and formats, likes to mix techniques and materials. She works with oil, alcohol ink, acrylic, pastel, varnish, glitter, liquid lath, etc. She constantly experiments in an attempt to convey feelings and states in her works as fully and vividly as possible.

In 2014 she graduated from the Crimean Republican Higher Educational Institution "Art College named N.S. Samokisha. During the last 3 years, the creative way has been developing in the direction of work in the technique abstraction. Natalie's paintings are exhibited in European galleries and her homeland Ukraine.

Passion for esotericism, astrology, proximity to the imaginative, deep nature of the Crimea determined the predominantly mystical, mysterious, full of symbolism mood of the artist's works. Over the past years, Natalie has been experimenting with particular interest with the possibility of embodying the fine lines of emotions, dynamics and depth in her works.

At the moment, the artist lives and works in the Netherlands, Rotterdam under the pseudonym Sunflower.

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