Sheesnut Art by Sheila Haasnoot Curriculum Vitae

Taste of Rain
80x160x4 cm
By Sheila Haasnoot/ Sheesnut Art

Curriculum Vitae

Sheesnut Art
Sheila Haasnoot, (born 1970, Netherlands)
Lives and works in Helmond, NL /

I’m a visual artist, working mostly with acrylics. Letting go of all obstacles in my mind, free of fear, doing what I do best! Vivid colours are always embedded in my pop art-like paintings, using diverse techniques. Since 2013 I’m mainly inspired by emotions, laughs, screams, smiles, kisses, eyes etc.

2015 Spray-paint techniques,
2014 Barteljee, epoxy atelier,
2013 -2014 Nancy Jones group atelier, Artist
2006-2007 The London Art College
2005 Open University, Geldrop, art classes

2017Jan- May solo expo "Not all is Black", Restaurant "Ons Loes" te Helmond.NL
2016 April solo expo, Kerkje van Persingen,”Inspiring faces”,“This-is-Me!”,”Look-at-Me”, NL
2014/2015 Nov 2014-Jan 2015 exhibition “ inspiring faces ” Van Schijndel Anteak in Beek en Donk, NL
2014 KID (Kunst in Dierdonk/Art in Dierdonk) exhibition, “Inspiring faces”, Helmond, NL
2013 Duo exhibition with Harry van Empel (Artist), De Dreef Geldrop, NL
2012 Duo Expo diverse artist, Castle Garden, Artimond, Helmond, NL
2009 Mrs. Bakx window expo, Geldrop, NL
2008 Interactive expo, Witte Dame, Eindhoven, NL
2006 Exhibition, “flowers” Library of Helmond, NL

Lay your hands on me(in progress 2017)
Not all is black (2016)
Look-at-Me (2016)
This-is-Me! (2015)
Inspiring faces (2014)
Kissing (2013)

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