Curriculum Vitae

Artist Philosophy:
Ursula Kuiper has a passion for Energizing Colours & the Enthusiastic Vibes of Life.

Instinctively using colour, symbolism, with strong energy, dynamic strength.
Flirting with the viewer’s emotions, so you can feel the visual kiss of her work.
In her work she expresses her enthusiasm for life.
Exploring any subject matter: ranging from dreams, interior, fashion, nature’s energie, architecture, fantasies and the everyday life story, believing everything is interconnected.

Work History:
Fine Artist | Interior Stylist | Art Direction
Consultancy Ursula Kuiper - Previously Mokum Holding in Canada
Dates Employed May 1992 – Present Employment Duration 25 yrs 10 mos
Location: International

My life is a blend of different origins-places.
Born in the Netherlands.
Grew up in Amsterdam - Rivierenbuurt, with Public Art and Art Initiatives All Around.
Immigrated at 14 yrs old to Canada.
At the age of 15 years old: Buyer, Merchandising and Management in one the family's businesses: a Ladies Boutique.
Returned to the Netherlands at 18 years old and worked briefly at Delta Lloyd.
At the age of 19 yrs old, left my family's home for my own life's adventure.

Returned to Canada, where I lived in various provinces: cosmopolotic and country culture.
Mainland: Alberta, BC. Most years on Vancouver Island, Qualicum Beach and Oakbay.
Management in retail, did some Acting (tv )and Modeling work.

BFA Program - Vancouver Island University.
Achieved: the award of "Excellence in Painting".
Followed by the Special Program: 'Independent Studies in Painting".
Consignment work for the private & commercial sector regarding Fine Art and Interior Styling.

Executed General Management: building houses for own residency and flipping: overlooking the building and Interior Styling process.

After living 20 years overseas, I had to take a leap back to the Netherlands.
Took on Managerial, Stylist - Senior Sales positions.

Presently living in the Arts Town of Bergen NH, the Netherland
and engaging in Creative Endeavors.