Curriculum Vitae

Ursula Kuiper Artist Stylist Designer, with fine art paintings collected worldwide.

Has a strong aesthetic sense, an alert observer.
Loves the pure act of painting and blending, using bright colours, organic and bold clear forms.
Ursula has been creating ever since she can remember, going back at the age of two and continues.

All of her paintings and illustrations start life with drawing - collaging materials on paper or directly on canvas, fabric or a hard surface. Graphically and organically composed: flat forms and lines, some transformed into the 3 dimensional.

Ideas come out of her head, like a film.
Inspo: a subject, an object, a fragrance, a colour, a moment.

Work History:
May 1992 – Present
Studio Ursula Kuiper: Fine Artist Interior Stylist.
Founder Co-Owner Mokum Holdings:
Assistant Car Industry Consultancy: recruitment & marketing & Interior Stylist - Canada.

Grew up in the Maasplein Rivierenbuurt Amsterdam surrounded by the Arts Design and Entrepreneurship, this during the height of cultural activism within the city of the 60’s and 70’s.
Immigrated at 14 yrs old to Canada. 15 years:various functions within the family’s ladies boutique.
18 years: back to NL. 19 yrs old returned on her own to Canada.
Lived in CDN cosmopolotic + country culture p: Alta, mainland & Vancouver Island.
Employed in sales & management(retail), acting modeling in early 20’s.

BFA Program Malasapina University.
Achieved award of "Excellence in Painting".
Continued with Special program: 'Independent Studies in Painting".
Consignments private & commercial.
General management overlooking building & interior styling 4 residency and resale.

After 20 years overseas, she had to take a leap back to NL.
Taking on managerial, stylist-senior sales positions.

Instagram: Ursula Eleonora Kuiper
Linkedin & Pinterest: Ursula Kuiper