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Solo expositie Ajda de Feij

25-07-2019 t/m 01-12-2019

Exhibition of 12 works by Ajda de Feij. (
Until December 2019

ACIBADEM @acibademimc (
'Providing care is an art'
Arlandaweg 100, 1043 HP Amsterdam.

You are very welcome to visit the exhibition.
Mon to Fri from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Ajda de Feij Solo expositie Ajda de Feij
Expositie van 12 werken van Ajda de Feij. (
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'Zorg verlenen is een kunst'
Arlandaweg 100, 1043 HP Amsterdam.

U bent van harte welkom om de tentoonstelling te bezoeken.

ma t/m vr van 8:00 tot 18:00 uur


The Unknown Artists

16-11-2019 t/m 08-12-2019

You’re invited
to see and experience the artwork of three independent, abstract contemporary artists.
The exhibition is about the individual artwork, its own standalone story regardless of its creator.
Does the artwork touch you...if the artist is unknown?

16. November 2019 from 19:00
Until 8. December 2019
For more information & opening hours:
Ajda de Feij The Unknown Artists