Small Works XIII, Ram Gallery, Rotterdam

25-10-2009 t/m 20-12-2009

Group exhibition with a.o. Guillaume Bijl, Karin Arink, Gilberto Zorio
Krystyna Ziach Small Works XIII, Ram Gallery, Rotterdam
Inari III & Inari IV from the series Infinity 2002-2003

/.../There is the sense of repetition in the infinite sequence of gates, or in the accumulation of thousands of Buddha statuettes which tell us that there is a potential Buddha hiding in each of us /.../ Florent Bex, honorary director of the Museum of Contemporary Art MuHKA, Antwerp, BE,
* read more: The Symbolic Imagery of Krystyna Ziach, text by Florent Bex, from the book Infinity & ArchĂȘ / Krystyna Ziach, 2006, Thieme Art, NL, on the website:

Water - Currents, curated by Gabriel Bauret & Vangelis Ioakimidis, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, GR

13-12-2008 t/m 25-03-2009

Documentary photographs, realistic or symbolic. Images of fiction and snapshots of fantasy. They all have in common the element of water. Water is present in all forms as well as in its deafening absence.
The exhibition includes different currents of photography, as they are expressed in the works of the Prix Pictet, but also in the group exhibition by foreign and Greek artists. In one part of the show the works presented are by the short listed artists of Prix Pictet and the issues dealt concern sustainability, the social and environmental dimension of the element.
The Prix Pictet, created by Pictet & Cie in association wit the Financial Times as global media partner. It is a unique goal - art of the highest order, applied to confront the social and environmental challenges faced by humanity in the early 21st century.
In the other part of the exhibition, there works presented are be foreign and Greek artists which transmit images of fiction, contemplatation and frivolity through water. Here different views assemble: landscapes, still lifes, directed images. The creators express themselves through the transparent language of water conveying the oppositions which it includes the element which unites and separates us, which evokes floods or soothes us. The water in all its forms : ice, vapour, clouds, river, currents.

Participating artist a.o. : Lucie & Simon, Gabriel Basilico, Jordi Bernardo, Susanna Majuri, Mark Power, Bill Viola, Krystyna Ziach

The Shortlist Prix Pictet 2008 a.o. : Edward Burtynsky, Thomas Jeshua Cooper, Christian Cravo, Carl de Keyzer, Robert Polidori, Roman Signer
Krystyna Ziach Water - Currents, curated by Gabriel Bauret & Vangelis Ioakimidis, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, GR
The Fountain of Time, from the series ArchĂȘ 1995-1996
Diptych, lambda-print, 185 x 175 cm
Collection Rabobank, NL