Recent Work, Salon II, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL

01-09-2012 t/m 23-09-2012

With works from the series Inner Eye

/.../ The photo series Inner Eye by Krystyna Ziach overawes one with the large dimensions of the photo works. Ziach shows seven portraits in which she examines the boundaries between reality and dream, the conscious and the unconscious, the visible and the invisible. Ziach’s photographs are not about the individual, but about a universal, inner portrayal of mankind. The closed eyes obfuscate the characters and grant the works a serene atmosphere. The person portrayed is looking inward and moves to the verge of the unconscious./.../ Translation: Hanny Keulers
* read more: Inner Eye / Krystyna Ziach", text by Joanne Dijkman, art historian, 2008;
Sometimes a photograph says less than 1000 words, Pandora's box, text by Hans Rooseboom, 2012
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Krystyna Ziach Recent Work, Salon II, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL

Limited Edition, Foundation of Visual Arts, Amsterdam, NL

12-05-2012 t/m 10-06-2012

Group exhibition