As an autonomous visual artist, Dilling is perhaps best characterized by his absolutely abstract works of construction. He is fascinated and inspired by geometric parallels in terms of patterns, structure, dynamics, colors and lines.
Reducing geometric forms to their fundamental essence is central to his approach. The result is that his contemplative work only invites to the extent that his absolutely abstract painting and construction works will serve to stimulate or enhance the natural desire for his imagination.
Or in Dilling's own words : "I can be touched by the simplicity of a line or the sheer intensity of a color."
In all his works of assemblages, collages, reliefs, objects, constructions and environments, aesthetics play a crucial role, always achieved through abstract minimalism.
In his most recent work, Dilling experiments in absolute geometric abstraction, particularly inspired by Wobbe Alkema (De Ploeg) and Theo vanDoesburg (DeStijl) (Art Concret) and also the Bauhaus University Weimar (Germany) with Johannes Itten's teaching of color and by Josef Albers with his interaction of color. Here Dilling's focus is on further minimizing and abstracting his earlier graphic art deco often primary painting. In this he uses simple geometric forms consisting of lines through geometric calculations based rectangles, triangles and diamond patterns forms. The 3D relief work captures the daylight and creates a shadow with it depending on the time of day, giving the work a different dimension every moment of the day.
For his environmental work, Dilling uses a variety of recyclable technological components, such as metal, wood and electrical components like copper wire, which he transforms into all kinds of naturals objects.
Dilling gets his inspiration from nature, often with an ironic touch referring to the current energy transitions.
Dilling masters many disciplines: visual forming, drawing-technics, mixed media, abstract painting, construction work in relief and collage techniques, electrical engineering, graphic work, geometry, hand skills as wood metal working, photography and are an expert in the airbrush technique since the '70s.
Contemplatively Dilling tries within his photography-work to capture reality as he sees it, to reflect on being able to perceive even more intensely for his awareness in the paradox with the beauty of tenderness between nature and technology.