Life's Call

I tend to dive deep into archetypal values when I paint with acrylic. I’m inspired to create three-dimensional compositions and I move through the worlds of color within abstract realms, preferably unhindered by intellectual scrutiny. In my work I attempt to allow the unconscious to become accessible.

When I first began to express the different phases and experiences of my spiritual journey, the encaustic technique fascinated me beyond words, as it allows me to enter into a playful mode with the wax as a creative medium. It felt like I was being guided by the heated wax, and it was totally unpredictable what the end version of the painting would look like. As uneasy and difficult the spiritual journey may be at times, letting go and embracing the moment can be easy and playful. With the encaustic work I experience easiness and joy, which I also feel very often in my inner journey.