I am a female painter from the Netherlands, living in the city of Utrecht. In this city I finished my study Monumental Art, specifically painting, at the Utrecht art Academy. Ten years later I started my study at the University of Humanistic Studies, also located in Utrecht, in my search for an explanation for these questions : why does one person survive (war, violence, absence, guilt) when the other cannot? What is the meaning of life, where to find spirit?

Art to me, is a necessity; spiritual food to nourish Humanity, to reflect and strive for growth. With my work I create a truly kaleidoscopic world that ranges from the extremes of innocent serenity to painful complexities, the struggle for life to Homo Ludens, the abstract and figurative art, the savory and the sweet, to be or not to be able to live life.

Therefore my visual (and poetic) world is intense. It is inhabited by beings or spheres in their (friendly) struggle with existing or fictional opposites. This is a vehicle to create eclectic visual puzzles that are inviting the viewer to reflect, and for my own transformation and chronological development. My work has a tendency to illustrate the existential.

My favorite mediums are acrylic paint combined with oil pastel, and (digital) collage. My preferred subject is portraiture, be it literally or figuratively. A portrait of a living being, or of a situation around gender, autonomy and/or social expectations.

My daily inspiration in painting and collage, that leads to this dearly sought expression of meaning, is through experiment, and connected to opening up to chance, coincidence, synchronicity. This, combined with an intense love for light, colors and the trivial (the lifebuoys of my youth) has led to my interest in making the invisible visible. My work is a way of creating energy. This also means: re-creation, recycling of materials, works and ideas.
My slogan : Every unchancy work can be the breeding ground for a better.